Sonic Encounter at the Singapore Art Museum

20 04 2014

Sonic Encounter at Singapore Art Museum. Medium At Large Exhibition. Exhibition opens 24th April 2014. This work is on loan to the Singapore Art Museum for a period of one year. Sonic Encounter is a sound installation comprising of composed sound from Suzhou, China and Singapore. 28 speakers are cased in a plastic orbs.

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Encounter





2 responses

16 08 2014
Nicola Anthony

Hi Zul, really interesting work. I saw it for the second time at SAM this week. I am interested to know your inspirations, any artists you draw inspiration from or recommend others to look at in their research and pursuit of sonic art?

17 08 2014

Hi Nicola, thanks for the message. Great that you enjoyed the work.
My inspiration is always the everyday people. I like to take long walks just to observe people and hear the sound of the surrounding.
I enjoy the works of Joseph Beuys, Mathew Barney, Christian Bolstanski and Jeff Koon.
As for sound artists you can check Christian Marclay, john Cage, Bernard Leitner, Bill Fontana, Max Neuhaus and Zimoun.
If you are in town, drop by for my mini presentation at Teater Ekamatra, Aliwal Arts Centre. 28th-30th August.

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