SONICtower at Ilight Marina 2016

20 03 2016

SONIC Tower is an expansion of Alice, Did you hear that?, a sound installation which is being showcased at Singapore: Inside Out. It is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and also by a book by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter, Spaces speak, are you listening? In Alice in Wonderland, most of the things that Alice discovered are very visual and seldom sound are being portrayed. In Spaces speak, are you listening?, explores the idea of aural architecture in urban spaces and also our ability to listen and not hear. So in this work, I am trying explore the idea of discovery living in urban city through sound. Most of us treat these sounds as noises and completely rejected them.

Every environment has an aural architecture. The audible attributes of physical space have always contributed to the fabric of human culture, as demonstrated by prehistoric multimedia cave paintings, classical Greek open-air theaters, Gothic cathedrals, acoustic geography of French villages, modern music reproduction, and virtual spaces in home theaters. Auditory spatial awareness is a prism that reveals a culture’s attitudes toward hearing and space. Aural architecture is not the exclusive domain of specialists. Accidentally or intentionally, we all function as aural architects.

In total there will be 4 zones with 320 solenoids and LED lights where the solenoids will be attached to the scaffoldings. Each zone, there will be 64 solenoids controlled by 1 microcontroller. These solenoids will hit on the surface of the scaffoldings and the LED lights will glow by programming them in a composition format. Each composition will last about 10-15 mins and then it will go on loop. In a way the structure will become “alive and playful”. Audience will be able to listen and discover the composition when they explore the different spaces of the exhibition.

Special thanks to Randy Chan, ARTFACTORY, Beow Hock Engineering and Martin Professional.



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