Zul Mahmod new website

10 11 2016

My website is up and running. Do check it out!

Cocoa Angel 2013

17 01 2013

This is a sound box consists of 6 variable oscillators which can be controlled by potentiometers and LDR individually. It is being cased in a Van Houten chocolate box.

Kassette Synth.

12 01 2013

Kassette Synth consist of six circuit bended playable walkman, piano toy frequency and a weird sound generator.
The first time I performed using this was in 2008 in Singapore during the closing party of ISEA.

Wander Seven

11 01 2013

Six variable oscillators cased in a collage plastic container.

Toy Piano with guitar effects processor

11 01 2013

Electronic Garden 2013

11 01 2013

Six variable oscillators and a motor cased in a collage box.

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