Sonic Performances

Imaginary City, Granada, 2012
Zul Mahmod Live in La Bagatela, Madrid, Spain

Imaginary City, Granada, 2012
Zul Mahmod Live in Pluton, Valencia, Spain

Imaginary City, Granada, 2012
Zul Mahmod Live in The Unifiedfield, Granada, Spain

Imaginary City, Ptuj, 2011
Zul Mahmod Live in Bastija,Ptuj, Slovenia
Art Stays 9. Festival of Contemporary Art.

Imaginary City was first performed in Hong Kong Art Center in 2010. It explores the different layers of sound in the city where often we took them for granted. During my residency period, I recorded sound from different parts of the city in Hong Kong. It was an interesting process where some sound at a particular space cannot be reinvented or reproduce. With different layers of sound from different sources, the whole environment become noise and distorted.

For the performance in ART STAYS 9, I will be recording sound from the city of Ptuj and combining it with sound from Singapore and sound from my diy sound instruments. These sounds will be layered together during the live sound performance. On top of that, I will be using a new sound instrument which I created for ART STAYS to add to my current set up. The sound instrument will consist a midi controller, a turntable, variables and subdivided oscillators. This work will further explore the psychology of the mind where we construct and deconstruct the sound to suit our taste and desire for an imaginary city. New sound and instruments will be added and some of the old ones will be omitted from the set. Audience will get to experience the new composition and hence imagine what their imaginary city would be through sound.

Zul Mahmod Live in Hong Kong Art Center, 2010
Presented by Hong Kong Art School

Zul Mahmod Live at Superintense
Flying Circus Project 03
Presented by Theatreworks, Singapore

Revolution Per Minute
By Kafai of Theatreworks

RPM is a dramatic musing on collision: what happens when lives, bodies and memories plow into one another. One high-speed motorcycle totals itself, taking an unsuspecting pedestrian with it while an incredulous passer-by witnesses the whole event.

RPM distends this point of impact into a series of tectonic vignettes; making this an intensely warped encounter with the uncontrollable conditions of velocity.

Conceived by Director Choy Ka Fai and Written by Robin Loon, RPM is a contemporary theatrical experience that flirts with what defines visual arts, dance and theatre. Featuring a unique collaboration with Osaka dance collective contact Gonzo, this installation performance of sound, lights and multimedia brings you an immersive experience of living at the edge of existence in our urban landscape.

Conceived + Directed + Multimedia Design by Choy Ka Fai
Text + Dramaturgy by Robin Loon

Performed by
contact Gonzo(Yuya Tsukahara, Keigo Mikajiri, Itaru Kato)
+ Li Xie
+ Patricia Toh

Sound Installation by Zulkifle Mohmod
Set Design by Mohd Fared Jainal
Lighting Design by Andy Lim

Madman in the Temple.
ISEA 2008 closing party. Singapore

Theatre performance directed by KaFai/Theatreworks
72-13, Singapore

Vista Lab 2.0
Theatre production directed by Kafai/Theatreworks
72-13, singapore

Testing of sound equipments during vista lab
72-13, Singapore

False Ogaki
Ogaki Biennale,2006
Ogaki, Japan

Mental Migration
Satakunta Festival of Lights, 2004
Raumars, Finland

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