Calm and Bended Subdivided oscillators, 2013

7 02 2013

sulwhasoo box

Subdivided oscillators cased in a Sulwhasoo box.

Sonically Exposed series

1 02 2013

sonically exposed

This work is one of the Sonically Exposed series. It is a wavetable synthesizer using a 10-step seuencer. Audience are allowed to play with it and explore new sounds.
Dimension : 45cm x 60cm x 5cm.

Sonic Wine Box, 2013

1 02 2013

SonicWineBoxSix variable oscillators with 6 photoresistors crafted onto a wine box.

In Search of Pomegranate, 2013

1 02 2013


Six variable oscillators cased in Cabtree & Evelyn gift box.

Wander Seven

11 01 2013

Six variable oscillators cased in a collage plastic container.

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