No Substance, 2014. Work in progress

3 08 2014

No Substance, work in progress at Grey Matters, Teater Ekamatra. It is part of Teater Ekamatra artist in residence program.



New body of work 2014

7 05 2014

New body of work to be exhibited at Yeo Workshop. It is part of an exhibition called New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Paintings. The first phase of this work will be exhibited at Yeo Workshop in May followed by the second phase in early 2015.




Sonic Encounter at the Singapore Art Museum

20 04 2014

Sonic Encounter at Singapore Art Museum. Medium At Large Exhibition. Exhibition opens 24th April 2014. This work is on loan to the Singapore Art Museum for a period of one year. Sonic Encounter is a sound installation comprising of composed sound from Suzhou, China and Singapore. 28 speakers are cased in a plastic orbs.

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Encounter


Wander Seven

11 01 2013

Six variable oscillators cased in a collage plastic container.

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