10 11 2016

SONICreflection is a sound installation that explore and investigate sonic territories and sonic tension in an urban city like Singapore. Singapore, being a melting pot has attracted a lot of migration to the city. Most of the countries in Southeast Asia have set up their little towns in Singapore, bringing their cultures and traditions. We have Little Thailand, Little Myanmar, Little Vietnam, Little Philippines and so forth. Each of this town is so distinct in terms of culture, food and sound. These little towns have their own sonic characteristics. With this sonic characteristic, it creates sonic territories of each town. I am interested to do sound recordings of these places. All these recordings will be layered together with found sound in Singapore like e.g city sound, MRT, markets, nature sounds, coffee shops and shopping malls.

These recorded sound recordings will be transmitted using multiple tweeters mounted on wok lids. Wok is predominantly used in Southeast Asia for cooking. Wok lid is being used to cover or protect the dishes. In a way is like protecting each of their cultures. In this work, it reveals and exposes using sound. The tweeters will be faced inwards to reflect the sound to transmit it widely. These recorded sound will be group according to the town e.g 10 tweeters represent one town. It will be played back at different times and also at one point all will be played simultaneously. On top of that, I will be using pencil microphones to amplify the physical space. I am interested to experience whether this will create sonic tension in one physical space.

 New commissioned artwork by Singapore Art Museum

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