Touch Piano cased in a LOEWE box.

9 02 2013

touch piano loewe box
Touch piano cased in a LOEWE box. The circuit is based on a 555 ic.


Calm and Bended Subdivided oscillators, 2013

7 02 2013

sulwhasoo box

Subdivided oscillators cased in a Sulwhasoo box.

Sonically Exposed series

1 02 2013

sonically exposed

This work is one of the Sonically Exposed series. It is a wavetable synthesizer using a 10-step seuencer. Audience are allowed to play with it and explore new sounds.
Dimension : 45cm x 60cm x 5cm.

Sonic Wine Box, 2013

1 02 2013

SonicWineBoxSix variable oscillators with 6 photoresistors crafted onto a wine box.

In Search of Pomegranate, 2013

1 02 2013


Six variable oscillators cased in Cabtree & Evelyn gift box.

The Substation Sound Art Open Call 2013

15 01 2013

Thank you Substation for inviting me for the second time to curate the Sound Art Open Call 2013. I am looking forward to it.
Here is the link :

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