Cocoa Angel 2013

17 01 2013

This is a sound box consists of 6 variable oscillators which can be controlled by potentiometers and LDR individually. It is being cased in a Van Houten chocolate box.

The Substation Sound Art Open Call 2013

15 01 2013

Thank you Substation for inviting me for the second time to curate the Sound Art Open Call 2013. I am looking forward to it.
Here is the link :

Kassette Synth.

12 01 2013

Kassette Synth consist of six circuit bended playable walkman, piano toy frequency and a weird sound generator.
The first time I performed using this was in 2008 in Singapore during the closing party of ISEA.

Crossing a Blue Velvet Road. 2013

12 01 2013


Finding Crystal by Zul Mahmod

11 01 2013

Wander Seven

11 01 2013

Six variable oscillators cased in a collage plastic container.

Toy Piano with guitar effects processor

11 01 2013

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